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Who are we?

We are so much more than a job board!

At JoinedTo, our primary objective is to provide a trusted solution for candidates who are seeking out employers that are recognised for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We monitor the quality of this recognition by ensuring independently, unbiased assessments through the engagement of our D&I expert partners.

We showcase, celebrate and promote the career opportunities of organisations who are truly invested in their Diversity and Inclusion commitments so that candidates from all and every demographic can easily engage with their future employer without any boundaries.

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    Why partner with JoinedTo?

    Because it makes sense to!

    At JoinedTo, we know that Diversity and Inclusion is the heartbeat of a productive workplace and can unleash the full potential of an organisation’s staff. By hiring top talent from a range of demographics, a business can leverage different qualities and skills that reflect the diversity of their customer base.

    We know that the journey to great workplace diversity is a vast and somewhat overwhelming topic to navigate and we are committed to supporting organisations on their unique and bespoke journey to become leaders in this field.

    We provide a comprehensive partnership and product suite to match all business needs and we work in collaboration with organisations by introducing independent and unbiased Diversity & Inclusion specialists to support learning, investment and implementation.

    Ultimately, when an organisation advertises with JoinedTo, they have either been accredited by our partners or have pledged their commitment to start their Diversity & Inclusion journey.

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